Our Story

Our Story


I’ve always thought that the pricing model in recruitment was flawed. It encourages Recruiters to cut corners to get to market quicker whilst allowing clients to set up a market where Recruiters face off against each other like ninja warriors. It’s a race to the bottom.

Then there are the great Recruiters who just don’t fit into our industry. An industry that demands (in most cases) 8-6 office hours, little flexibility and a 360-degree consulting environment where Recruiters have to sell and also deliver.

It made me think:

  • what about those Recruiters who need flexibility?
  • what about those fantastic Recruiters who just don’t want to sell?

They are leaving the industry in droves and it’s just not good enough!

Back in early 2014 my business partner Luke Collard and I started keeping data on the Recruiters we couldn’t place in our rec2rec business, and the reasons why. Our statistics showed that almost 28% of Recruiters who we didn’t place just didn’t fit the traditional model.

And that’s how Recstra was born.

We set about creating a model where Independent Recruiters are:

  • supplied with the work,
  • get paid for every hour they work, and
  • are supported to make the most out of their new independent gig economy careers.

After securing our technology partner in 2015 we spent the next 18 months (that’s right, 18 months!) refining the business model and looking for the final piece of the puzzle - funding. In early 2017 Nicholas Beames from private equity investment firm, Beames Capital, listened to my pitch. He immediately saw the potential and felt my passion and commitment to making this happen. He joined the Board as Chairman, provided the funding, and works closely in the business adding massive experience in the areas of marketing, finance and, in general, building a successful business.

We are now on our mission to become the largest, most influential and successful, community of Independent Recruiters in the world. A community committed to providing the highest quality recruitment service with a payment model that works for all parties.

It’s Recstra. Recruitment as it should be.

Craig Watson
Co-Founder & CEO