Become a Recstra Recruiter

A Recstra Certified Recruiter™ is a special breed of Recruiter. You are best practice, flexible, professional and reliable.

Not everyone will get through the process … but you can be assured that if you do, we will provide you with the best tools and support to be the Recruiter you always knew you could be!

It’s Recstra. It’s recruitment as it should be.

What’s in it for Me?

  • Complete control over the hours you work
  • Being paid for every hour you work
  • We find the projects for you to work on…no BD… and no BS
  • Continual Professional Education & Training
  • Access to ‘State of Art’ Technology
  • A unique Recstra Quality Assurance Program
  • Access to Global Recruiter Community via meet-ups & forums
  • Reward program for milestone achievers

What is a Recstra Certified Recruiter™?

  • I am a Career Recruiter
  • My experience & background has been vetted & verified by an Independent Industry Expert
  • I am Quality Assured and will be audited on every one of my assignments. My ongoing certification is dependant on my unwavering commitment to the QAP
  • I am accountable for every single hour I work for you.
  • I am committed to my ongoing continual Professional Development
  • I am Trust Pilot Rated
  • I have access to the Recstra Global Talent Community
  • I will use the best available tools to source your candidates.
  • I offer value & quality
  • I am at your service.

Our Seven Principles

As a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ I am obligated:

  • To implicitly follow the Recstra Quality Assurance Process.
  • To strive for continual improvement.
  • To act honorably in all Recstra interactions.
  • To treat all Candidates fairly.
  • To tell the truth and not to mislead or deceive.
  • Not to withhold information that Candidates or Clients are entitled.
  • To maintain a 4 Star Trust Pilot rating.

Recruitment is changing. You have the power to control your career and deliver a quality,
professional service on your terms.