How do I get started?

So, you have made the decision to become an Independent Freelance Recruiter. Good for you! Welcome to the Gig Economy.

You will have control over your hours, the work you take on … hell, you have control over your life!
But first of all, there are a few hoops to jump through.

First step is to read the information below and give us enough information to get the ball rolling… and then Become a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ and the fun really begins!

  • We will need a copy of your resume.
  • You run through a phone screen with our Community Manager.
  • Come in for a face-to-face, or skype… Let’s get a look at each other!
  • Complete a final interview (phone based) with our Independent Recruitment Expert.
  • Provide us with 2 Referees we can talk to about your background.
  • Make sure you have all your paperwork in place… see FAQ’s for Recruiters.
  • Complete our Recstra Certified Recruiter™ induction.
  • Sign our Engagement Agreement.
  • Then you are good to go!

Now you’re set! It feels great to take control over your career and as a Recstra Certified
Recruiter™ you now have that control. We look forward to supporting you in your journey.