Our Commitment

So How Does Recstra Work?

Our Commitment 1It’s simple really …

You apply. We meet. We verify you. We agree to work together. You get started and we are ready to go …

Our Client Development team will work with employers to create recruitment projects. If your background and experience matches the project … and you are available to work … your profile will be sent to the client. If they choose to engage you … you are notified immediately … and the recruitment process begins.

All projects are run through our purpose built software and tracked through to completion. You will have access to:

  • Job Board Ads
  • The entire database of existing Recstra Candidates

The recruitment process is based on the quality commitments we give to our clients. It’s a simple framework that gives you focus … and gives our candidates and clients the comfort & security they deserve.

Every week Bullhorn will generate a timesheet and invoices to reflects the hours you have worked on the project… And you get paid!

Explain to me a little more about the payment side …

Ok … I get it … we all want to get paid for the work we do, right? And that’s where the disconnect between traditional recruitment and the Recstra model really stands out.

Up until now you have been on a base + commission package … but your employer only gets paid when you successfully complete an assignment. Can you see how this generates undue pressure on consultants and a pathway to cutting quality corners to get the job done?

This is where Recstra really shines. We provide clients with a list of recruitment processes and how long each process takes.

ProcessTime Taken
Job Ad (write & post) 75 minutes
Phone Screen 30 minutes
Candidate Interview 90 minutes
Candidate Profile 45 minutes


You simply choose the process you have completed and the number of times you have completed the process and the system will produce your billable hours.

So, if you completed:

  • 1 Job Ad (write and post)
  • 6 Phone Screens
  • 2 Candidate Interviews
  • 2 Candidate Profiles

Your billable hours will automatically come across as 8.75 hours for that work. You have the complete flexibility of managing your own hours. Simple.

How are Client’s protected against Recruiters ‘over-claiming’?

Our Commitment 2Good question and I’m glad you brought it up!

All Recstra Recruiters have an obligation to professionalism – and as such will sign off on the Recstra Quality Assurance Program.

This protects everyone … recruiters … candidates … and clients.

How? Let me break it down …

As explained above … every action a recruiter takes (interview, reference check, client meeting, job brief etc.) is tracked via our dedicated ATS and this is converted to hours worked.

We have an Audit & Compliance Manger whose sole purpose is to ensure every Recruiter completes the tasks they have recorded. They will check notes, profiles, ads and even call candidates and clients to ensure what we say happened … actually happened.

But we also go one step further … Every Invoice we send to a client will be itemised with every task our Recruiters have completed … Brilliant right? It’s double protection.

Our Commitment

At Recstra we believe in:

  • Flexibility – for Recruiter & Client
  • Quality – in all of our processes and relationships
  • Continual Improvement – if we’re bringing the future … we need to be the future
  • Value – our Recruiters get paid for every hour they work … and our clients get value for every minute we work for you

We are Recstra. Recruitment as it should be