Giggify Recruitment - now

OK – before we start I’m not sure Giggify is a real word … but I went with it anyway.

Yes … I’ve made the leap from r2r back into recruitment. I can see you all now, stifling a giggle & wondering what the hell I’m doing. There’s over 2000 recruitment companies (and that’s just in Australia). Why the hell would you jump back into that competitive whirlpool that is recruitment?

Well to be honest the reason I’ve made the jump is because I believe we’ve been able to develop a sustainable model that demonstrates differentiation & value.

Not only that it encourages great recruiters who don’t fit into the traditional recruitment model to stay in the industry, develop a meaningful career and prosper.

FreelancingTry this on if you will … imagine you (that’s you, not me) are an experienced recruiter. You want to manage your own hours, you are fantastic at candidate side and managing accounts – bloody brilliant in fact! You don’t want to sell – and hey, that’s ok, lot’s of recruiters don’t want to sell! - and you want to be paid for every single hour you work on an assignment.

What’s that, you say? Get paid for every hour I work? How? Aren’t recruiters paid on outcome? You’re right, but you’re also wrong.

Look I could bang on for another 16 or 17 paragraphs, but stats show you won’t read on that far. Suffice to say I have the model and it’s working.

If you want to see how you fit in contact me, and I’ll run the whole thing by you.

I look forward to talking.