Meet the recruiter - Ashlee

This week, we meet Ashlee Thomas, one of our Recstra Certified Recruiters ... 

ashleeName: Ashlee Thomas

Location: Sydney

What industries do you specialise in / what areas are you particularly interested in?

Construction and Project Management, Sales and Business Development, Administration and Office Support, Transport and Logistics, IT and Tech Support, Company Fleet and Trades Services.

How long have you worked in the recruitment industry?

8 years.

How did you find yourself working in recruitment?

I was 19 at the time and applying for a Business Administration traineeship role through an agency. I was invited to interview and they offered me a Receptionist position through the agency. I then began studying a Diploma in HR and haven’t looked back.

What's the biggest difference you've found between Recstra and other traditional recruitment companies?

Recstra gives clients access to a variety of quality recruiters that specialise in their industry for a fraction of the price. The team at Recstra are passionate about what they do and pride themselves on delivering the best outcome.

Have you ever worked from home before?

I currently operate my own resume writing and career coaching business from home. 

What's the biggest challenge you think you will face transitioning to working from home? 

The biggest challenge for me initially was working on my own. Previously I worked very closely with my colleagues and we communicated face to face though out the day. However I have found as long as I have a healthy social life outside of work it balances out quite well.

What's your favourite part about working from home?

The flexibility and work/life balance. I have the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Tell us about your home office - what makes it a productive, comfortable space for you?

I have created a small space in my home dedicated to work. There is no distracting devices nearby allowing me to be productive and complete tasks.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about making the change to Recstra/freelancing/working from home?

I would really consider the move. The staff are extremely friendly, professional and easy to work with. It is flexible and the induction process was very informative and well structured.

What sort of tools and technology do you use to keep connected while working from home?  

I rely heavily on email/phone/skype to connect with the outside world and reaching out on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

How would you structure your day working from home?  

It all comes down to managing time well and staying organised to ensure tasks are completed. I would set realistic office hours that would benefit myself and the client, avoid non-work related tasks between those hours to stay focused, create a diary system I can rely on and keep a healthy life balance.

What would you say to a client considering using Recstra for their recruitment needs?

Do not hesitate, you will save money and be teamed with a professional and passionate recruiter. 

If you could be anything else (other than a recruiter), what would it be?

A Journalist


Some non-recruitment related questions ...  

What's the last book you read?

The Time Traveller’s Wife.

What's your favourite TV show at the moment?

“Power” series on Stan   

What's your best Dad joke? 

Every Friday me and my family go out for dinner at the local golf club. Whenever we drive past the grave site, my partner says “Look guys- that’s the dead centre of town.” It was funny the first time but he insists it is just as funny every time.