We believe in
Work-Life Harmony.

No business development. All tools provided. Ongoing support. Join our community of Freelance Recstra Consultants and become your own boss, harmonising your work, life, and income.
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Why Join?

Recstra Consultants are part of a special community. You are professional, flexible and reliable and you add true value to the Talent function. Work onsite, offsite and enjoy the flexibility you deserve.

Recstra Consultants:
Follow the Recstra Quality Assurance Programme
Strive for continual improvement
Act honourably, ethically, and honestly
Treat job-seekers fairly and on merit
Not withhold information from any party
Be transparent, efficient, and timely
Maintain a minimum 4-star Google Reviews rating
Recstra Consultants receive:
Projects that fit your specialisation
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) projects
Flexibility to accept or reject any work
Freedom to work any hours you choose
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
The tools you need to perform your work
Certification as an independent, experienced recruiter
Piggy bank for savings money

Get paid for every hour you work

Two females hands holding alarm clock

Work the hours allowing flexibility to be in control

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Showcase your talent and work with some great brands

How We Compare To Traditional Recruitment Agencies

High staff turnover
Recruitment Agency
Most lack any client reporting.
Only work standard office hours
Every Recstra project is audited
Our Recruiters are certified and verified
We work remotely and pass the savings to you
We are a genuine community
Pay a low, fixed fee or by the hour
We’re open 24/7
Expensive office and infrastructure costs
Charge high fees on completion of work
Literally, anyone can become a recruiter
Many have little or no quality control
We provide weekly itemised reporting

Consultants love Recstra:

“Recstra has been a true gig economy experience so far and I love it! It has been amazing to recruit from home or a café while completing my leadership studies.I choose the projects to work on, giving me control over my time — more than I used to have when working for the traditional recruitment model.Recstra is a true and revitalised recruitment experience and I am here to stay, to be able to see it recognised as the game-changing model it is!”

Kevin L
Recstra Recruiter

“Being a new mum meant returning to a full-time role just wasn’t on the cards! Working with Recstra has given me the push I needed to start freelancing — for myself and my family. I now have the flexibility to choose the projects I want to work on, the hours I want to work, and all the while, build my portfolio as a freelancer! It’s fantastic!”

Priscilla G
Recstra Recruiter

“Working with Recstra has not only enabled me to work on varied and interesting roles, I also get to be my own boss without the stress of new business development.Being a mum to a busy 18-month-old and finding agency work time constrained, I am now able to manage my own hours alongside my family demands. I have been able to focus on my knowledge and experience and select the roles I work. This is a huge benefit to my clients, who receive a much more dedicated service.Recstra has made a very positive effect on day life, plus it saves 80% of my clients’ recruitment fee. Win Win!”

Ellen C
Recstra Recruiter

Our clients are some of the best!

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