How We Are Different?

Traditional Recruitment Agencies



Most work standard office hours

We’re open when other agencies have left for the day… when our candidates and clients need us most. Read more

Charge high fees on completion of assignment

With us you pay only for the services you use. You pay by the hour and manage your spend every step of the way. Read more

Most have Expensive Office & Infrastructure Costs

Recstra Certified Recruiters™ work from the comfort of their own home allowing us to pass the overhead savings to you! Read more

Struggle with Consultant Turnover

Our Recstra Certified Recruiters™ are independent, career recruiters. We train, counsel and advise every step of the way. We also provide state-of-the-art sourcing tools and technologies. Our recruiters are here to stay! Read more

Anyone can become a recruiter

Just like lawyers, accountants and doctors, our recruiters pass very rigorous checks to become a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ meaning you know you are dealing with a professional. Read more

Many have no Quality Measures

Our Recstra Certified Recruiters™ follow a stringent Quality Assurance Program and are audited on every project they complete. Read more

Often lack Client Reporting

You will receive an itemised account of every action our Recstra Certified Recruiter™ has completed on your project. It’s completely transparent. Read more