Looking at hiring a freelance recruiter and moving away from the traditional recruitment model?

We don't blame you!

The traditional model has always been flawed in terms of its fee structure, which is why it's time to shake things up. It would be rare to find a client/recruiter combination who are genuinely happy with their fee structure. Someone is almost always bound to lose out. Either the recruiter spends more time on the placement than the percentage fee is worth, or the client spends an enormous amount on the fee for the recruiter to barely scratch the surface in terms of finding talent. Sure, they might find the right person for the job — but if that only took a few hours/days, is it really worth a $20k placement fee?

Freelance recruiting is a new concept, and although it may sound terrifyingly different at first, it makes a whole lot of sense for clients. Essentially, you're paying for the work you receive. With an hourly rate charged by the recruiter, you know you're not paying too much for the same service elsewhere.

This, of course, leads to greater motivation by the recruiter. If they're being paid hourly, they're accountable for their work and by association, will work to provide you the best service they can.

There's also extra flexibility involved.

Freelance recruiters might be working outside of the traditional 9-5 working hours, which can work in the favour of potential candidates. No one wants to answer the phone at work to discuss a new job opportunity — that's an awkward conversation we'd all like to avoid! But if the recruiter in question is working til 8pm at night, that opens up a whole new window of time for them to discuss your role with potential candidates, away from prying ears.

Last, but certainly not least, working with a freelancer allows you to build a rapport and relationship with your recruiter. You're not dealing with a company, you're dealing with an individual and they'll become your best friend as you make additional hiring decisions. They're almost like your own private consultant — build a strong foundation with them, and they'll be an enormous asset to your business.