If you haven't come across Seth Godin before, we highly recommend you check out his daily blog.

Thought provoking and witty, his 7000+ posts are timeless. Recently he posted about the degree of freedom we all live with (see below), and it got us thinking.

Why do so many of us choose to conform to the traditional way of working?

Why do we accept that working 8:30am-5:30pm is what we're expected to do, even though it doesn't always fit in with our life? Why does our life have to fit in around work, rather than work fitting in around our life?

This is why we're changing the recruitment game. We understand that life doesn't always neatly fit around an 8:30am-5:00pm working day. We understand that some people prefer to work at night, while others prefer to work in the morning. We understand that people have responsibilities and commitments. With Recstra, you can make a choice to fit your work around your life.

Degrees of Freedom

All you have to do is look around to realise just how many choices we still have. What to eat, who to speak to, what to do for a living, what to learn, what to say, who to contribute to, how we interact, what we stand for…The safe and comfortable path is to pretend that we're blocked at every turn. But most of the turns, we don't even see. We've trained ourselves to ignore them.A habit is not the same as no choice. And a choice isn't often easy. In fact, the best ones rarely are. But we can still choose to make one.