It's becoming more and more popular to hold business meetings via videoconference — it saves time, money, travel and hassle, particularly when those involved are in different cities or states, and each juggling busy schedules.

If you're working as a recruiter with Recstra, there's every possibility you'll work with clients via videoconference so it's important to be confident and calm when doing so.The technology we enjoy these days is by far better than those of yesteryear — from simple online apps like Skype, to more expensive fit-for-purpose equipment, almost anyone can access a decent set up.But technology aside, it's important to be professional during a teleconference — just because you're not in the room with the other parties, doesn't mean you can let your professional mask slip!

Test the equipment beforehand

Whether you're simply using Skype and your computer's webcam, or you're using a purpose-built teleconference set up, it's always important to test the equipment beforehand. It sounds simple, but many people have been caught out by this one — us included!

Make sure you know how to turn the equipment on, dial a number, set up the video camera, and (most importantly) end the call.

Check the line quality — dial someone else that you know, and get them to confirm that they can hear you clearly and accurately. It's always good to test the camera beforehand if you can as well, even if it's not on an active call, to make sure you know where to sit so you are centred and able to be seen clearly. Check the lighting of the room as well so that you aren't sitting in a dark corner.

During the call.

Depending on the nature of the call, it might be worth having someone record the minutes. It can be distracting if you are doing this while participating in the call, so weigh up how important it is to have the whole meeting documented, or just the main action items.Don't watch yourself on the camera too much — but at the same time, take note of how you're sitting and what your body language is conveying. If you catch yourself slouching, sit up straight. If you think you look bored, the other people probably think the same!Watch the body language of the others in the call. If they come across as negative, not engaged or disinterested, try to engage with them and get them back on your level.

After the call

Hang up! Make sure the call is ended before you start to make any noise or conversation at your end. There's nothing worse than leaving someone on the call inadvertently and having them hear everything you say in response to the phone call.