The idea of working with a freelance recruiter, as a candidate, can be daunting.

Maybe you've had bad experiences with a traditional recruiter before, or maybe you're just not sure if it's secure or that you'll get the right outcome. We understand! The important thing to remember when working with your Recstra recruiter is the process is very similar to a traditional recruiter, from your perspective at least. If anything, we'd like to think it's better!

  • Your recruiter will work with you to find positions that suit your levels of skill and experience, and will discuss potential roles with you as they arise.
  • The interview process is much the same, including meeting with the client if you're successfully shortlisted.
  • Of course, there's no cost to you, as a candidate.
  • As with any professional relationship, communication is key. If your situation has changed, tell your recruiter. If you'd like to broaden your horizons, tell your recruiter. If you have questions, ask your recruiter. That's what they're here for!So if it's all the same as a traditional recruiter, why would you work with Recstra over another traditional recruitment company?Recstra is innovative, and looking to the future. The team have recognised that traditional recruiting has its flaws, and recruiters aren't always motivated to find the best person for the job - in some cases, they just want to find a person for the job. By moving to a freelance model, Recstra ensures that its recruiters are motivated and passionate, which results in the best outcomes for you as a candidate, and for the clients as well.