Think about it.

How much of the actual recruitment process do you do outside of normal office hours? The interviews with candidates outside of their current job commitments, the feedback and negotiation conversations you seem to have every other day during your dinner time, the overseas references taken at 11pm at night, the lunch hours spent discreetly career counselling candidates … it’s flipping crazy!

Yet traditional Recruitment Agencies have you clock on at 8am, or 8:30am and punch out at 5:30pm or later. It’s just ridiculous! And what about those recruiters who have commitments outside of traditional hours? School drop offs & pick-ups? Sporting commitments? How about just having a normal lunch break?

Welcome to Recstra. Recruitment as it should be.

At Recstra you get paid for every hour you work. It doesn’t matter if it’s at 2am in the morning or during a traditional lunch break - you get paid for it.Better still, you have the flexibility of working when you want to.For the first time ever recruitment can offer real work/life balance … and it’s called Recstra.Flexibility without the clock watching, and get paid for every single hour you work.

Sound inviting? Find out how you can become a Recstra Certified Recruiter.