One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment industry is the traditional payment model. We compete with other agencies, and even our own clients, to place candidates. Industry standard statistics tell us that on average we only fill 30% of the jobs we work. That means we don't get paid for 70% of the work we do — let that sink in.

We do not get paid for 70% of the work we do.

Recruiters are forced to cut corners to win the "speed to market" battle. The quality of recruitment suffers and we still wait until the end of the process to get paid.Imagine if you sent your end of year tax out to 5 Accountants and only paid the one who got it done quickest? Or you engaged 5 Lawyers to prepare your Will and only paid the one who got it back to you first? Sounds ridiculous right? But that's exactly what we do every day in recruitment.Enter Recstra. With the Recstra model you get paid for every single hour you work. That’s right. If you take a job order, you get paid for it. If you conduct an interview, you get paid for it. A reference? That’s right — you get paid for it.It preserves the quality and integrity of the process and we even support clients and candidates by auditing the entire process. It works. It's Recstra. It's Recruitment as it should be.Find out how you can become a Recstra Certified Recruiter.