The entire recruitment industry is set up to cut corners.

Everything is about speed to market. In the process Candidates become disillusioned. Recruiters become disengaged and Clients become disenfranchised. Quality should be at the forefront of every recruitment process. It speaks to professionalism and a desire to truly partner with clients and candidates.

Recstra has introduced 2 extremely important aspects to the recruitment landscape to ensure quality is always front of mind.

  1. Pay for service, not outcome: Quite simply, if it is not a race to the end, we can focus on the quality. Our clients pay for every hour they engage our Recruiters. Every hour is audited to ensure we complete the work, but it allows our recruiters to deliver quality, instead of worrying about racing every other recruiter to the finish line.
  2. Recstra Quality Assurance Program: Every one of our recruiters signs an agreement adhering to a quality recruitment process that does not cut corners. It is a model that focuses only on quality.