Recruitment challenges ... surely we jest!

It's the best career in the world, right? Not quite ... but that's not to say it isn't rewarding, fun, and one of the best careers you'll ever have.As a recruiter, it's your job to wear many hats. Counsellor, life coach, motivator, mentor, therapist - recruiter seems to come in at the bottom of the list, really! It's a career you put your heart and soul into which means you feel the challenges more personally than others.

You find the perfect candidate for the job, you work your butt off to ensure they're happy and the client is happy, you encourage and nudge ... and then the candidate withdraws because they've found something else.

You find the perfect candidate for the job, but then the client doesn't proceed with the role and you feel a sense of responsibility for the candidate who is now left without a job.

You have an amazing candidate who is skilled, talented, experienced and nice to boot! But you can't seem to find the right role for them, and you feel a sense of guilt that you couldn't help them.

It's a lot to take on, we know - we've been there ourselves!But it's important to remember the wonderful things about recruitment.

  • The sense of elation in a candidate's voice when you call to tell them they've been offered a role with their dream company.
  • The satisfaction from a client a few months into a candidate working with them, as they tell you all the success the candidate has had.
  • The feeling of your first placement, your fifth placement, your 100th placement ... that feeling never goes away!

So for all of the bad, there's doubly as much good - and that's why we do this job! The hard work is always worth the reward at the end.