We all want our industry to be considered more professional.

But as it stands, anybody — that's right, anybody — can hang a sign over their door and become a recruiter. For crying out loud, you even need a licence to be a real estate agent. How do we guarantee quality and professionalism if there is absolutely no barrier to entry? The short answer is: we can't. Even the licencing schemes set up at Government level don't really address professionalism... it seems to be more about paying a fee than any real quality improvements.

But at Recstra we are different. All of our recruiters pass through a rigid certification process and subscribe to an ongoing quality assurance program. Yes, we audit our recruiters. Yes, we hold our recruiters accountable, and yes, we guarantee their work.

A Recstra Certified Recruiter brings you peace of mind.

We only work with the best and most professional recruiters in the market.