The board of Recstra is pleased to announce its launch.

The technology enabled platform is a completely new way of offering recruitment services to SME’s and Corporates across Australia. To take on the Recstra CEO role Craig Watson will transition from 7 years as MD of well-known rec2rec firm, Watson Collard.

The rec2rec firm will soon re-brand and a new MD has been appointed. Mr Watson noted "As an industry, recruitment has more often than not been tarnished with the problems of poor quality of service, insufficient transparency, barriers of cost affordability and lack of employment flexibility for Recruiters. Recstra was created to tackle these problems — and it's already working."Mr Watson went on to say "Recstra is not a recruitment marketplace and it is not a temp agency. Recstra is a patent-pending technology enabled recruitment platform that connects — then manages — hiring clients and their recruitment projects, with Recstra Certified Recruiters."

Highly respected industry veteran, Rosemary Scott, has joined the leadership team to oversee the Recstra Certified Recruiter programme to ensure only the best independently engaged recruiters complete the programme and achieve certification. Once certified, Recstra Certified Recruiters are given projects to work on.

They work only the hours they want — from wherever they want, get paid for every hour they work, and are backed with a full suite of technologies.

More so, they have the full support of Recstra's Community Management team, managed by experienced recruiter Natalie Cornell.

The Recstra Certified Recruiter community provides a career hub for independent Recstra Certified Recruiters, with access to continual professional development, cutting edge technology, and the power of being part of what will be the largest freelance recruiter movement in the Industry. Recstra is the first private recruitment organisation in Australia with such a stringent certification programme. The programme is more stringent in quality than all the state-based legislation that has recently been made in to law. This stringency is core to the company’s obsession with quality.

Astute Payroll Founder and former CEO, Nicholas Beames, now CEO of private equity firm Beames Capital, led the investment consortium backing Recstra. Mr Beames also joins the Board as an Executive Director along with Gerry Bullon as Chairman. Mr Bullon comes from a compliance and investor relations background and is focused on guiding the Recstra leadership team as it continues its plans to IPO in the coming 24 months.

For more information please contact Craig Watson on 1300RECSTRA (732787) or 0414341843.