More and more people these days are working from home, and reaping the benefits of freelancing. What was once a buzzword used for the likes of journalists and photographers has now become more commonplace in other industries, including recruitment. It's no surprise that it has become such a popular concept, with the positive impact it can have on an individual.

Work as much (or little) as you want.

Not all of us suit a traditional 38-40 hour week. Some of us need to work less hours to fit around our family and personal life. Some of us like to work more hours, because we're a glutton for punishment and love a challenge, or simply because we could use the extra cash.Freelancing allows for incredible flexibility when it comes to the amount of work you do. In most cases, it's more about “getting the job done” than focusing on how many hours you've worked in a week. If you're managing your own workload, you control how much you do — and that is powerful.

Work when you want.

Prefer to be up with the sun and get stuck into work straight away? Freelancing supports that.Prefer to be in bed til lunchtime and work into the night? Freelancing supports that.The beauty of working for yourself is that you control the hours you work. It's no secret that some of us are morning people, and some of us most definitely are not. Figure out when you're at your most productive, and fit your working hours around that. You'll soon realise you achieve more in the same amount of time, if you tie it in with your natural cycle.

Work where you want.

In most cases, freelancing lets you work wherever you want. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you could be laying on the beach in an exotic overseas location, or tucked up in your home office with a cup of tea.

Fit your work around your schedule (not the other way around).

Doctors appointment? Gym class? Kids to pick up? Freelancing allows you to fit your working hours around your personal commitments, instead of trying to coordinate your life around work.Don't underestimate the added benefits of such flexibility. How many times have you skipped an appointment because it's "too hard" to book in around your working hours? How many times have you been late to something because you've been caught up at work?

No more commutes!

For those city dwellers amongst us, this is huge. Imagine not spending 1-2 hours a day commuting to the city... imagine what you could get done in that time! A sleep in, a trip to the gym, a walk on the beach … the possibilities are endless. It'll also make you happier as a result. No one enjoys being stuck on a train with a thousand strangers!