Ah, the age old question.

Why use a recruiter when I can recruit someone myself?

Whether you're using a freelance recruiter through Recstra, or a traditional recruiter, the benefits are still very much the same (to a point).

You'll have access to passive candidates — those that aren't actively looking for a new opportunity but that will consider moving if the right opportunity comes up. They are often kept on a recruiter's database or contact list, ready to go if the time is right.

Recruiters have experience recruiting in the same role(s) that you're advertising. They'll know what keywords candidates are looking for, and they'll know how to sell your company and position to make it attractive.Believe it or not, it will save you time and money. This one is hard for clients to understand sometimes but we promise it's true. Think about how much time it takes to work through applications for a role — few hours to write the ad and post it, then 10-15 hours to review applications, then a few hours to book interviews, then another 10 hours of interviews, then a few hours for reference checks … it all adds up. Multiply that by your individual hourly rate and... you've more than paid for a recruiter's fee! That, and you've just lost 30-40 hours of work that you could have spent on other tasks.

It helps you to weed out those that are completely unacceptable for the role. You'll only see the best applicants for the job from a recruiter — those that might actually fit exactly what you want. You won't see those that are applying just for the sake of it, or those that didn't read the job description. Save the frustration! Another benefit of using a Recstra recruiter in particular is that we've changed the traditional recruitment model on its head, and flipped the fee structure — so you're only paying for the work your recruiter does, and nothing more. What a refreshing thought!