Pricing & Guarantee

Last updated 1 September 2017

Recstra’s Pricing & Guarantee Procedures Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Pricing & Guarantee Procedures on the Site. You are advised to consult this document regularly for any changes.

Fees Overview

The cost to deliver projects depends on the time and complexity of work, and the Recstra Certified Recruiters™ charge rate. The Recstra team can provide guidance to clients upfront regarding the expected and/or average price range for different projects types.

Recstra’s Service Fee

For each singular or multiple of an “Item Of Work” a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ completes in respect of a Consultation, and according to their “Experience Level”, Recstra will charge you the “Unit Charge Rate”, in accordance with this Pricing and GuaranteeProcedures Policy. All fees are exclusive of GST.

Recstra will be entitled to receive payment of a Service Fee in respect of any Consultations introduced by us. The Service Fee payable to us in respect of the Services is the difference between the Unit Charge Rate and the Unit Payment Rate, after deduction of GST and other legally required amounts.


Once a project has been agreed between the Client and the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ all subsequent work undertaken by the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ is referred to furthermore and throughout our terms as “Consultation”. See Recruiter Terms, Client Terms, and Introduction Fee Policy.


The Client may terminate the Consultation at any time for any reason. Such termination must be in writing to the assigned Recstra Certified Recruiter™. The Client will not be liable for any charges further the sending of the termination notice. At the time of termination, the Client may request and will be given documents relating to the Consultation but limited only to the candidate resumes sent to the Recstra Certified Recruiter™, subject to this clause.

If the Client terminates the Consultation, the Client:

  • will indemnify Recstra and the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ from all legal action, including but not limited to the transferring of Consultation documents noted above, against Recstra and the Recstra Certified Recruiter™, or associated party, and accepts they will not have access to the “Recstra Guarantee”.

If the Client does not terminate the Consultation, the Client:

  • may choose to continue using the services of the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ to the stage that the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ has, on behalf of the Client, made an offer of employment with the Client to the Clients’ chosen candidate.
  • accepts that should the candidate start employment with the Client and, for any reason, if the employed candidate if not employed by the Client on the eleventh work day the Client will be giving the Recstra Guarantee, which is a  full credit, minus advertising cost, to their Recstra account.
  • may, for a period of 12-months, use their credit on further Consultations with Recstra as they see fit.
  • accepts that the credit does not cover advertising but does cover all Recstra Certified Recruiter™ Consultations.

Invoicing & Payments Process

Pricing and payments are agreed and formalised between the Client and Recstra, not the Recstra Certified Recruiter™. The agreement will include the Recstra Certified Recruiters™ estimate of the number and types of “Items Of Work” required to complete the project as well as the Recruiters’ “Experience Level”.

For each singular or multiple of an “Item Of Work” a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ completes in respect of a “Consultation”, and according to the Recstra Certified Recruiters™ “Experience Level”, we will charge you the “Unit Charge Rate”.

The Client:

  • will be invoiced weekly (on Tuesday) for all Items Of Work completed by the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ in the prior calendar week, being Monday through Sunday, and
  • the Client agrees to pay the Tax invoice according to the Invoicing and method of payment clause in Recstra’s Client Terms.

The Recruiter:

  • will be paid fortnightly (on Friday) the amount of all approved (or amended) payment claims, where the Client has transferred funds to us up to and including the prior Sydney, after deduction of the Service Fee, GST and other amount. 

Pricing & Payment Procedures

Recstra will submit a payment claim to the Client (in the form of a tax invoice) for approval:

  1. If the Client does not either approve or dispute the payment claim within 24-hours from the date and time the payment claim was sent by email, the payment claim will be deemed to have been approved by the Client.
  2. If the Client disputes the payment claim, the Client is required to inform Recstra immediately to ensure Recstra can begin an investigation. The outcome of the investigation Recstra decides will be the final outcome and the Client agrees to accept it even if the outcome involves Recstra issuing an amended payment claim.

Within one (1) business day of:

  1. approval (or deemed approval) of the payment claim by the Client; or
  2. receipt of an amended payment claim under paragraph (b)(ii) above, the Client will pay the payment claim by credit card or EFT.

Recstra will pay the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ the amount of the approved (or amended) payment claim after deduction of the Service Fee, GST and other amounts we are entitled to deduct.

Where undisputed or approved tax invoices issued by Recstra are not paid in accordance with Recstra’s Client Terms, Recstra may charge Late Payment Fees against any outstanding amount for each day that amount remains unpaid. Late Payment Fees are 5% of the invoice value for every week the amount remains unpaid.

Both the Client and Recstra Certified Recruiter™ understand and acknowledge that Recstra will not make any payment to the Recstra Certified Recruiter™until Recstra has received cleared funds from the Client.

Disputes around quality of work

Clients should let the Recstra Certified Recruiter™ and our team know promptly if expectations aren't being met. Recstra Certified Recruiters™ are responsible for ensuring that Clients' expectations are met in their delivery of Services.

Payment Methods

Client payments can be made by a credit card or direct bank deposit.

Recstra Certified Recruiter™ are paid by direct bank deposit.

Items of Work and Units 

Item Code

Item Of Work

Units Of Work (15 minutes)


Standard Project Brief



Extended Project Brief



Repeat Project Brief



Process Project into Recstra Project Management System



Database Search



Standard Write and/or Post Ad



Extended Write and/or Post Ad



Candidate Mapping



Standard Phone Screen



Extended Phone Screen



Communication with prospective or mapped Candidates



Standard Interview



Extended Interview



Standard Write and/or Present Candidate Profile



Extended Write and/or Present Candidate Profile



Organise Interview with Client and/or Candidate



Feedback provision with Client and/or Candidate



Additional Feedback Client and/or Candidate



Reference Check (per reference)



Standard Offer Presentation and/or Negotiation



Extended Offer Presentation and/or Negotiation



Standard Adhoc Communication and/or Meeting



Extended Adhoc Communication and/or Meeting


Payment and Charge Rates

Experience Level

Unit Payment Rate (15 minutes)

Unit Charge Rate (15 minutes)

Minimum 2 years and maximum 4 years



5 years and maximum 7 years



More than 7 years