Hey! I’m Raya from Recstra. I’ll walk you through listing your job, then I’ll allocate you a Recstra Certified Recruiter™. Ready to go?

Great to meet you ! Let’s look up your organisation on the Australian Business Register.

Do you prefer to use a name other than the registered one above?

Great. What’s your preferred organisation name?

Where is your organisation located?

... and your phone?

... and your position at ?

OK. Now that I have got to know you a bit more , lets chat about your job vacancy. What’s the job title?

Can you help me more accurately categorise your job vacancy.

Is this job located at ?

OK, then where is the job located?

What time commitment does this job need?

What’s the salary range for this job?


What’s your ideal start date?

We are nearly done and you’ll have a quote in seconds. Please hold tight whilst I chat with a few databases and the Recstra platform to confirm things.

  • Confirming your company details ...
  • Confirming your contact details ...
  • Confirming job details ...
  • Scanning files ...
  • Comparing resource and cost requirements ...
  • Communicating with the Recstra platform ...
  • Checking Recstra Certified Recruiter™ availability ...
  • Allocating you a Recstra Certified Recruiter™ ...

We are good to go. Now I can give you a quote and you can decide what to do next.

Great news. I’m pleased to confirm we can complete your recruitment project. I have also compared your project with similar projects completed through the Recstra platform and see the average time to complete was 20 hours.

Here’s a cost comparison to help you decide to recruit your with us…

Traditional Recruitment Agencies




With Recstra you could save $ or %. What would you like to do now?

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to work with you .

A member of our Client Services team will give you a quick call to confirm the suitability of your allocated Recstra Certified Recruiter™ or allocate a different one, and then hand things over to them to work with you direct.

We will invoice you for hours worked every Tuesday and appreciate prompt payment so we can then pay your Recstra Certified Recruiter™.

Our terms covering everything are located here and remember you call us any time about anything on 1300 RECSTRA (732 787).

Ready to accept terms and give the green light?