Trust & Security

Last updated 1 September 2017

At Recstra, we're working hard to build a global online recruitment business based on honesty, trust, and transparency.

Recstra Certified Recruiters™

Just like lawyers, accountants, and doctors, our Recstra Certified Recruiters™ pass very rigorous checks to become a Recstra Certified Recruiter™, meaning you know you are dealing with a professional. 

Platform Uptime Guarantee 

Recstra is a SaaS platform trusted by employers who rely on the platform to hire new staff and Recstra Certified Recruiters™ who rely on the platform to earn an income. As such we place the highest priority on ensuring business and platform continuity 24/7/365.

We use independent third-party, Pingdom, to monitor our SaaS operations and notify us of any anomalies. 

We strive for 99%+ uptime and have maintained this since we began operations.

Please check out our Public Status Page for more detailed information.

Quality Assurance Program 

Our Recstra Certified Recruiters™ follow a stringent Quality Assurance Program and are audited on every project they complete.                                     

Your information stays with us

All of the information you provide to Recstra is for the benefit of the Client/recruiter relationship. We won't collect your information and pass it on to anyone else.

We're serious about security

Security is serious business at Recstra. We only serve data across encrypted connections and employ best-practices when it comes to data security.

We're watching over the workplace

We take a hands-on approach to monitoring the projects and people that work for Recstra.

Real projects

We have rules for Clients creating job postings and we're always monitoring to make sure they're upheld. Once a job is submitted, we'll review it within 60 minutes. If it's not legitimate, it doesn't get on the site.

Fair representation

Our Recstra Certified Recruiters™ are required to follow our policies that promote honesty, accuracy, and transparency in the representation of their abilities and expertise.

NDA already in place

Part of being a Recstra Certified Recruiters™ is agreeing to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) for all projects. This means you'll have an NDA already in place when you engage through Recstra.

You have the power

If something doesn't seem right, anyone can flag it. Spam and abusive or inappropriate content can always be brought to our attention so we can keep things honest.


Clients must complete a feedback form after each project. We use a third-party trusted service called Trustpilot. This helps Recstra and prospective Clients to find the best Recstra Certified Recruiters™. We take appropriate action on neutral or bad reviews.